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VIP Artist Avery*Sunshine Tops Billboard Charts With “Call My Name”

We at Art of Cool could not be happier for our 2015 Festival VIP Artist Avery*Sunshine as her hit “Call My Name” took the #1 spot on Billboard’s Adult R&B/Contemporary Chart! This is Sunshine’s first number one, but we see many more in her future.

In an interview with Billboard’s Wade Jessen, Sunshine says that the song’s success began quite organically. “There is something magical and spiritual that happens when my partner Dana  and I work together. This song was derived from a very honest space. I believe that when you work from a place of truth, the music finds a way to connect. Most of our career, we have been told to be something other than who we are. This No. 1 shows us that trusting your own voice is the answer.” 

Surely, Sunshine’s voice is powerful, as everything she touches turns to gold. From her 2005 release of “Stalker,” her self-titled 2010 album, and her 2011 hit single, “Ugly Part of Me.”, Sunshine has been able to shine her light upon many.  If you are one of the VIP ticket holders for the 2015 festival, you’ll be able to bask in the glow of Avery*Sunshine’s affection during the Sunday VIP Jazz Brunch performance. You’ll be treated to various, slow-burning rays spanning from her latest LP, The SunRoom, all the way back to her 2010 hits.

The VIP All Access Pass is on sale now, and includes three-day access to your favorite jazz artists, with headliners Roy Ayers and Anthony Hamilton. Along with the VIP Jazz Brunch, you’ll also receive entry to all main stage headliners, an exclusive VIP hospitality brunch, as well as entry to the club pass series with priority entry. For more information, visit our Ticket page, and Ticket FAQs.



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