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The Cool Crowd: Events You Won’t Want to Miss This Weekend

Hey Cooligans! It’s the weekend- which means it’s finally time to check out all the cool events the surrounding area has to offer. Here’s a few events you may see us at this weekend.


Through Feb. 14


109 E Chapel Hill St

<i>Pleiades Plus One</i>

Contrary to the belief of the lonely artistic genius, art is rarely created in a vacuum. It’s more like a neighborhood, with artists working in proximity or collaboratively. Pleiades Gallery celebrates the communal nature of the local art scene—and debuts a tiny loft gallery in its space—with an invitational show of new work by 20 local metal and wood sculptors, painters, ceramicists, neon artists and mixed-media artists. Artists in the gallery collective invited guest artists to participate, who invited more guests in turn. For instance, Kim Wheaton invited William Paul Thomas, who invited Antoine Williams. It’s preparing to be a very cool, very lively space. We hope to see you there!

Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green

Sat., Jan. 24, 3 p.m.

UNC’s Swain Hall



101 E. Cameron Ave.

<i>Freight: The Five Incarnations of Abel Green</i>

 The metaphysical Freight imagines an African-American man who exists at five different points in American history and, whether incarnated as a minstrel, a cult leader, an informant, an actor or an out-of-work mortgage broker, finds it hard to access an elusive American dream. That’s the very definition of tragedy—it always plays out the same. The play is directed by Joseph Megel and stars J. Alphonse Nicholson as Abel Green.

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