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Sponsor Saturdays: American Tobacco Historic District

NB13361We are pleased to announce that American Tobacco Historic District is partnering with AOCFEST again. We cannot wait to present a portion of our festival at this location. If you don’t know about this hidden gem around our lovely community, then you’re missing out.
In 1980 the American Tobacco factory produced some of the best tobacco products in American history, including Lucky Strike and Bull Durham. These brands were a household name during this period. Even today, shows like Mad Men still focus on Lucky Strike tobacco. In 1987, American Brands closed the factory, and for over 20 years the property downtown was vacant.  In 2004,  Capitol Broadcasting Company, also the owner of the Durham Bulls baseball team, re-opened the old Tobacco Campus to do a massive 200 million dollar renovation to make an enjoyable eating, playing, and working environment.
Thanks to American Tobacco and James F. Goodmon & family, today the American Tobacco Campus has over 1 million square feet of office space, approximately 90,000 feet of residential apartments and 10 restaurants with more in store!  The renovation of the American Tobacco Campus really gave a kickstart to the redevelopment of the Durham community.  Small businesses and restaurants have had tremendous growth during this process. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Amercian Tobacco!

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