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Sponsor Saturday: The Herald Sun

We’re so thrilled to have The Herald Sun as a sponsor this year! The Herald Sun is the daily newspaper of Durham, NC. Located right here in the Research Triangle, they have been serving Durham and its surrounding communities: Orange, Chatham, Person and Granville counties since 1889.
The Herald Sun has won the following awards:
General Excellence 2009 (first place)
General Excellence 2010 (third place)
Sports Feature Photo 2010 (first place/ Bernard Thomas)
Editorials 2010 (first place/ Betsy O’Donovan)
Education Reporting 2010 (second place/ Matthew E Miliken)
News Enterprise Reporting 2010 (second place/ Neil Offen)
Appearance and Design 2010 (second place)
Sports Photography 2010 (third place/ Bernard Thomas)
Illustration 2010 (third place/ Grayson Mendenhall)
Feature Section Design 2010 (third place/ Grayson Mendenhall)

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