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Shuttles and Pedicabs $10… all weekend long

Admit it…you can probably walk Art of Cool Fest if you had to. But why walk when you can ride? Grab a weekend shuttle pass to navigate the festival footprint this year. Whether it’s to save time, energy or money on parking fees for multiple days….grab a $10 shuttle pass and ride from venue to venue all weekend long. The stretch from Motorco to the Armory late night can be a beast. Just sayin’……Buses will pick up in front of DPAC facing West (Bus Stop 1), Durham Arts Council (Bus Stop 2), Motorco (Bus Stop 3), the Marriott (Bus Stop 4) and 21c Hotel (Bus Stop 5). The pass will be good for rides on April 28-29, 2017. The bus will run 6pm-2am on Friday, April 28th and 2pm-2am on Saturday, April 29th.
***Note: Weekend shuttle passes are also redeemable on all Greenway Transit pedicabs during the festival times as well. Powered by Greenway Transit.
The pass is now available online….grab yours now.

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