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PJ Morton of Maroon 5 Starts A MoTown Inspired Record Label

PJ Morton, the keyboard player of Maroon 5 is one of the many talented artists that you will be able to see this year at The Art of Cool Festival.

Hailing from New Orleans, Morton spoke with about returning to his hometown to start his own label, Morton Records. After leaving New Orleans 14 years ago, he never planned to move back. “I used to feel smothered here, in a way, and it kind of represented me not being able to be free. But something clicked for me, and it all changed.”

Morton attended Morehouse College in Atlanta and later met a pre-famous India.Aire. The two collaborated on her album “Voyage To India”, landing the a Grammy, all before Morton graduated college.

Morton Records will have to goal of including a majority of New Orleans’ local talent. Learn more about P.J. Morton’s vision below:

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