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Part I of the AOCFEST 2015 Wrap Up Report

After a spectacular sophomore year on April 24-26, 2015 Art of Cool Festival (AOCFEST) returned as a celebrated champion for jazz-inspired music and culture. AOCFEST is making a splash onto both the local and regional music scene, as well as gaining national attention. Over the weekend, AOCFEST hosted over 6800 music lovers and approximately 30 bands on five stages in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

Attendance for the 2015 festival increased by 94% compared to 2014 AOCFEST’s attendance numbers. Ticket sales increased by 67% this year with a total of 2374 ticket holders. The average ticket purchased was $80.60. The economic impact on the City of Durham in 2014 was $600,000 in direct and indirect spending. The 2015 impact is forthcoming.

AOCFEST will return to downtown Durham for its third run on May 6-8, 2016.

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Stay tuned for Part II of the AOCFEST 2015 Wrap Up Report which will include demographic survey results.

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