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VIP Treatment: The Official VIP Hotel: The Durham Hotel.

An independent hotel inhabiting the newly resurrected mid-century Home Savings Bank, The Durham is instilled with the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of its namesake city. The hotel, designed by acclaimed firm Commune, is a cultural hub for the vibrant and engaged downtown community and a perfect backdrop for the festival experience. 53 guest rooms feature[…]

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Art of Cool Festival Opposes House Bill 2 and Welcomes All People Regardless of Gender or Sexual Orientation

In response to the Charlotte, NC ordinance that shielded the LGBT community from discrimination in housing and public accommodations, Republican Governor Pat McCrory tweeted the following: This explanation resulted in the approval of the infamous House Bill 2. Receiving wide spread rebuke from the NCAA, NBA, PayPal, Dow Chemical, Apple,[…]

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Kendrick Scott Oracle- We Are The Drum (Audio)

Kendrick Scott’s newest album was released in September 2015 and is already a top hit on iTunes. The Jazz drummer’s album, We Are The Drum, is soothing yet powerful and was completed with absolute precision. The emotion throughout each track is palpable. The album consists of 11 songs and you won’t find a[…]

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The Best Of The Internet..The Band, That Is.

If you are a connoisseur of great music, I’m sure that the soul band, The Internet is already on your radar. In association with artists like Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, this band has no other option than to be unique and out-of-this-world, crazy good. The Internet was formed[…]

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