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EXPERIENCE: The Takeover

We here at Art of Cool (AOC) have been toiling over the word festival to describe the massive music event that we are planning for you and your friends in downtown Durham this April. In a recent brainstorming session we thought of scratching the word festival and replacing it with:

  • musical buffet?
  • jazz tasting??
  • jazz buffet???

Ugh….the only accurate word that we can use right now is that AOCFEST will be a total TAKEOVER of downtown Durham so that y’all can fully EXPERIENCE jazz influenced music in the coolest of settings. We are planning to present world-class musicians in different locations in the heart of Durham. So you can catch Maceo Parker at The Carolina Theatre early evening on Friday and finish the night watching Thundercat after hours at Motorco. Imagine hopping around from venue to venue seeing the best jazz-inspired artists in the country while enjoying food and drink from the South’s Tastiest Town. Imagine enjoying this experience for the first time and sharing the common bond with Durhamites of launching an annual cultural experience rooted in food, festivities and fun! Art of Cool is here to curate an experience in jazz music unmatched in this city and the first of its kind.

Sound COOL?

If so, join us April 25-26, 2014….for the TAKEOVER!

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