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Anderson .Paak vs DJ Luke Nasty: Which Version of “Might Be” Do You Prefer

Leave it to us to point out the big elephant in the room.

Some Anderson .Paak fans out there were probably a little confused when they turned on the radio earlier this year and heard DJ Luke Nasty’s version of the song, “Might Be”. I know that we can’t be the only ones.

We are not sure of the story behind this double feature; however, the similarities between these two songs are undeniable. We are just going to leave this here and let you be the judge:

Anderson .Paak’s Version

DJ Luke Nasty’s Version


Which do you like best? Sound off in the comments. As you might have figured, we are a bit biased…

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  1. I <3 ANDERSON PAAK's version! He is so DOPE! So talented and so gifted at what he does! I enjoy listening to his music! I just saw him last week in DC at the BroccoliCity Music Festival and I am going to see him tonight at the Art of Cool in NC. I need a job to support my Music Festival habits!

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