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Celebrating the Past: Events You Should Attend This Weekend


Snip20150115_38Raleigh: Louis & Ella, “All That Jazz” | Meymandi Concert Hall | 1.16.15 – 1.17.15

Louis Armstrong gave jazz its swing. Ella Fitzgerald gave jazz its greatest voice. The North Carolina Symphony pays tribute to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, featuring the blazing brass of Byron Stripling and the sultry voice of Marva Hicks. Show begins at 8pm.




Chapel Hill: Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Activities at UNC-Chapel Hill | Various UNC Venues | 1.18.15-1.23.15

UNC’s MLK Jr. Celebration is part of a campus-wide initiative to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his legacy, and his ideals. Carolina began its  celebrations of Dr. King’s life and legacy in 1983, long before there was a federal holiday. UNC is the only university ever awarded the “Making of the King Holiday Award” by the former MLK Federal Holiday Commission.


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