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2015 Holiday Gift Guide for the Ultimate AOC Fan

What do you get the person who has everything? Let’s face it, the answer is probably a gift card. The bigger question is, what do you get the ultimate AOC fan? They’re already up on the latest music, so it’s difficult to impress them with music from “an up-and-coming artist” they probably introduced you to anyway. How can you impress them this holiday season? Here are  a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


The Ego Death Vinyl. Yeah, your friend probably introduced you to “Girl” first, but you bet your bottom dollar they probably haven’t picked up the Ego Death Vinyl yet. If they have a record player, that’s fantastically hipster. If they don’t, slap this in a record frame so they can display their love for The Internet all year round.


Mainstage Tickets for AOCFEST. Pick your poison. Treat your friend to a ticket to see The Internet, or Terence Blanchard.


The Internet Merch. Tell them, “anything you want is yours”. And by anything, we mean merchandise from our favorite new band. They’ll be the coolest leading up to the festival rocking an Internet cap or T-shirt.


Kamasi Washington Vinyl. Described as a “monster of an album”, Kamasi’s latest release is one that will be played for years to come. Wrap this up and give to your friend, and earn the “favorite” placement for at least until the next Kamasi release.


Wristbands for AOCFEST. We personally would prefer an AOCFEST wristband to any Tiffany or Michael Kors on our wrist (but we are extremely biased). Let your friend choose their own adventure and pick their favorite artists.


Soundpapered Art. What better way for your friend to relive their favorite performances other than artwork they can see every day? Soundpapered has sketched AOCFEST artists in the past, including Robert Glasper, Jesse Boykins III, Roy Ayers and others.


VIP Tickets to AOCFEST 2016. Alright, you caught us- shameless plug. But hey, if they already are fans of AOCFEST, why not get them what they really want? VIP tickets allow everyone to get a taste of what they love. Whether it’s a hipster who loves The Internet, or a traditional jazz fan who grooves to Terence Blanchard, they’ll definitely have a great time.



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