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10 Reasons To Get Ready For AOCFEST 2016

#1: You Missed Us and We Missed You.

AOCFEST-facebooksocialimageWe’ve got a pretty good relationship going on. As AOCFEST gears up for the 3rd year we would like to thank our supporters and fans that have been with us since we’ve started. AOCFEST 2015 was a great year as we had some big names such as Robert Glasper, Snarky Puppy and Anthony Hamilton headlining our artist line-up. We know many of you are anticipating the announcement of our 2016 line-up and can’t wait to experience the new sounds we’re bringing downtown Durham, NC on May 6th-8th. Make sure you stay tuned to our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by following @theaocproject to get up-to-date information on tickets and our AOCFEST 2016 line-up.


#2: Let’s Get Cozy This Year


As many of you know weather plays a big part in our decision-making each year. Since our inaugural festival in 2014 rain has put a damper on some of our presentations. For AOCFEST 2016 we’ve decided to bring you closer to the artists you love and providing  an intimate music experience. We’re all about giving our fans the best experience possible, so why not bring you inside this year? Let’s get you closer to what you love while good vibes fill the room for 3 days with 5 indoor music venues and over 20 world-class performances. This year leave the umbrella at home, and focus on good music and good vibes. 


#3: Our Festival Will Be On Fleek This Year. Courtesy of Our Lineup.


For AOCFEST 2016 your favorite artists will be taking over our social media accounts! Get your questions ready; make sure your hash tag game is on fleek, update your social media apps on your phone and keep refreshing your timeline as we flood it with cool facts mixed with live action.


#4: Your Personal Music Concierge


Whether you like Jazz, Funk, Fusion, R&B, Neo-soul or all the above WE GOT YOU! Consider AOCFEST as an “Audible Arrangement” that satisfies the appetite of the listener. For the past 2 years you‘ve come to realize that we serve up nothing but the best which means catering to your music taste. Which brings us to our next point…


#5: Don’t Experience FOMO. 


This is an experience that you have to be apart of. Don’t you just hate when you miss out on something that was epic and you weren’t there to capture the moment? Side bar: What’s up with that over-dramatic friend (we all have one) who bought their ticket on time and talks about the whole festival from beginning to end? Don’t you just want to duct tape their mouth shut, tie their hands and feet together, put them in the closet until the next festival comes back around? Well, please don’t do that because it’s considered  kidnapping and you definitely can’t experience AOCFEST from a jail cell. However, you catch the drift – don’t miss out on this great experience. Be there or be square. 


#6: Become A Part of The Playlist. Snip20151021_6

AOCFEST is like Spotify and Pandora without the user account. Join more people who care about the same music that you care about. Become a part of the playlist without the boring commercials or lifeless voiceover guy. Instead be a part of a movement that’s involved with the community and that has a mission to bring cultures together.


#7: Cool Since Day One. 

Not trying to toot our own horn, however, we have made our mark here in the Triangle thanks to you. You might have seen us in the Huffington Post or on WTVD channel 11’s Heart of Carolina. This could not have been possible without you! You’ve stated what you wanted to see and hear. No shade to the other festivals that may breeze through town annually but, yeah we got this. We are Durham born and raised. We are active members in the music and arts community year round. We are the diverse, soulful alternative music festival in the midst of many mainstream festival options. Which brings us to our next point…


#8: Location is Key. 


Ever since AOCFEST started it’s been held in downtown Durham, NC where starting a small business is just a Smoffice away . This historic city is growing rapidly with art, entertainment, restaurants and many more options to experience Durham and NC culture while at AOCFEST.


#9: Treat Yourself. Treat Your Mom


Instead of holding these wonderful moments to yourself why not purchase a ticket for your mother on Mother’s Day?! Trust us when we say this is an experience that she will not forget.  You’ll officially be the favorite child.  You’re welcome. 


#10: AOCFEST Memories = Priceless


Snip20151021_9Many people are still talking about AOCFEST 2015; however, we believe that you’re fitting AOCFEST 2016 into your conversation after reading these 10 reasons. We suggest you get your tickets once BEFORE the artist line-up is announced tonight at 10pm. VIP tickets are extremely limited this year . This year Carolina Theatre seats are assigned in order of VIP purchase. (So the earlier you buy, the closer you are to the stage and awesome Instagram photo opps) So which friend will you be next year? You can be that friend who is over dramatic or you can be that friend who misses out on an epic experience. Be the one that had the time of their life May 6-8, 2016 in downtown Durham for AOCFEST 2016. See you then.



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